Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What is ClearCase ?

ClearCase is a software configuration management (SCM) system that helps automate the tasks required to write, release, and maintain high-quality software. ClearCase is useful to all members of a project, including software engineers, technical writers, project leaders, release engineers, and quality engineers. The ClearCase tool provides version control, workspace management, process control and build management. The version control mechanism provides versioning of all file types and folders, is highly secure, records and reports actions, provides unlimited branching and merging, automatically merges non-conflicting changes and provides graphical merge and compare tools. Workspace management provides different models for presenting the versions available to be worked on depending on the development process that has been incorporated. Build management applies to C and C++ development. When builds are done, a Bill of Materials is automatically created that can be used at any time in the future to exactly reproduce that build. Derived objects are also versioned behind the scenes in ClearCase to help speed up compile times when builds on certain objects are unnecessary. Process control is provided by triggers that fire when certain actions are taken and by the unlimited use of metadata with the versions. ClearCase also provides for cross-platform development, replication between sites (with Multi-Site) and is highly scalable in the enterprise environment.

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